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BAS Trucks

Brabantse Automobiel Service, that is what the company now globally known as BAS Trucks was called back in 1962. The firm got its start from a Volvo dealership takeover, but quickly grew into the full-service transport industry service provider it is today. From new and used tractors and trailers to construction equipment and commercial vehicles, in 2021, the BAS Global Truck Concept will be focusing on global purchasing and sales, leasing, insurance, after-sales service and maintenance. With a total of around 850 employees, BAS Trucks is active in more than 150 countries and generates millions in sales annually.


A focus on growth and innovation is embedded in BAS Trucks’ DNA. This family business is rapidly taking it to the next level, both on and offline. As a European market leader, they have a strong vision for quality, transparency, and efficiency, and are currently developing a new proposition. They are in the process of building a completely new platform designed to allow anyone to buy and sell trucks online, anywhere in the world.

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